Okay, so the plant-animal interaction level in this one is limited to the panda chewing on a piece of bamboo – but it is hilarious! Especially if one is acquanited with the recent cyber-fad of having King Leonidas’ immortal words “This is Sparta!”, from the film ’300′, plastered all over more or less well-known cultural bits & bops.


The original – and very cute – video can be seen here. I guess that the mother just kinda forgot that she had her kid snoring between her legs? Evil zoo-keepers; they should vacuum-clean the floor, so the wee one doesn’t sneeze all the time.

Passportless in Zurich

My passport was damaged by water in a cyclone that swept across our fieldstation in Mauritius in 2004. One page was kinda loose since, and one corner slightly bent. I have travelled across the world a few times since then, and never had a problem. Not even with the ueber-paranoid buggers at immigration in the USA. Yesterday I got my passport back from the SouthAfrican Embassy, where I am applying for a six month research visa. And a letter. “Please re-submit with another, undamaged passport”. Do I look like the kind of guy who has three passports?

Proposal writing

Late Saturday eve; people out there having fun — me, I’m just sipping the last few drops of a bottle of red, while putting the finishing touches to an application for post-doc funding for three years. I want to return to “my” island, you see, so I have to prostitute myself, like all scientists do from time to time, and make my project sound sexy. I reckon the following sentence should do the trick: “Obviously, lacking a time-machine, we cannot resurrect the pristine ecosystems with the full range of species in Mauritius”

Who could possibly resist funding a slightly mad scientist?

Late nite blogging fetish

I’m getting all excited about the seemingly limitless options and possibilities in blogging & webpaging. Alas, for now I need to stop this and turn my mental focus (what? -where?) towards finishing a proposal for research money. So good still to be jetlagged; makes it easier to work late.

However will soon be off to dreamland. I can only hope to re-visit dragonland as a subset of that particular realm!


New beginnings

Okay, so my first foray into the world of blogging did not go too well; I lost the first few posts when I switched to WordPress (the blogging software offered by my webhotel was not flexible enough). However, rest assured (mas o menos) that this one is here to stay for a while! I will build in a few more widgets & plug-ins the next few weeks/months, so I can start putting up some photos of plants & animals doin’ their thing. For the scientifically inclined among you, there’s already a page with links to my papers (under “more stuff”).