Seychelles interactions

Two of my best friends & colleagues, Chris & Nancy, just got married to each other in the Seychelles. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds – they both live & work there. And yet. The wedding was on Bird Island, a private nature reserve & a tiny speck in the Indian Ocean, where some 800.000 sooty terns and thousands of other seabirds (noddies, frigate birds, fairy terns, etc) were breeding. The wedding itself was absolutely fantastic; we were only 50 lucky (!) wedding guests in total, about one third of which were biologists.

Chris&Nance framed

CNN wedding all

The island?  A full one half of it was constantly covered by a magic carpet of tens of thousands of hovering, gliding, screaming sooty terns. Hitchcock would have loved it. And then there were the fairy terns – elegance personified. And -oh joy!- there were a few giant Aldabran tortoises roaming free, too.  And some ripe Pandanus fruits.  But that is a story for another day! Bird Island is, after all, first & foremost an island of birds.

Sooty terns galore

Fairy tern pair


Sooty tern chaos